Avocon Solutions Corporate Partners:


Evocative, LLC, a leading provider of secure Internet infrastructure solutions. Our partnership will enable AvoCon clients to easily scale their IT infrastructure and implement a hybrid cloud environment designed specifically for their needs.

Limelight Networks is a proven distributed delivery provider for the top media and entertainment companies in the world. Our partnership allows us to provide our clients the best of the best when it comes to Content Delivery or Internet Connectivity.


A long standing leader in technology, AvoCon is proud to resell and recommend Compaq as a trusted name in Hardware.

AvoCon is part of the PartnerOne program with HP and is able to offer its customers competitive pricing on all HP/Compaq products.

With our IBM partnership, we offer our customers products from a company that strives to lead in the development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies.

AvoCon only uses the most reliable hardware and with Supermicro Computers we are able to deliver highly reliable mission-critical servers that maximize a price/performance ratio for our customers.

We are part of the Toshiba Preferred Partner Program and we are proud to offer our customers technology that is backed by such a trusted name in the industry.

We are an authorized partner with WYSE Technologies, a global leader in Thin Computing. Our partnership allows us to deliver unparalleled security, manageability, reliability, and TCO benefits across the full spectrum of Thin Computing solutions


Untangle protects you from malicious incoming Internet threats such as viruses, spyware, hackers, identity thieves and more.


Citrix is the global leader and most trusted name in on-demand access. AvoCon Solutions is proud to be one of only 4 Gold Solution Advisors in Arizona. We have experience on over 4000 applications and we have deployed Citrix using almost every hardware platform available in the industry.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, every one of our engineers are current with Microsoft Certifications. Whether you need with licensing or a new Active Directory deployment we have experts in all areas of Microsoft Software and Best practices.

Venali is a global company that is revolutionizing the way businesses fax by enabling them to fax over the Internet without the need for separate fax hardware, phone lines and maintenance.

The award winning MODUS GATE software by Vircom is used and trusted by names like NASA, Toshiba, IBM and Sheraton Hotels just to name a few. Choosing AvoCon and Modus means investing in a product that meets not only today's requirements, but also those of tomorrow - whatever they may be.

nDev Technologies, Inc. offers a wide range of software development services.

Diligent is a world-class innovator in enterprise-class disk-based storage solutions. Focused on meeting the challenges of storing, protecting and managing the ever-explosive growth of backup data and the continued inefficiencies inherent in traditional methods.

Why choose Us


AvoCon’s LAN/WAN Services enable you to maximize your network's core operations to optimize the performance of your entire computing environment. From network planning and design to installation and deployment, AvoCon can help your organization create a sustainable, manageable infrastructure capable of handling real-time business demands.

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In today's competitive environment, business information is one of the most critical components to competitive success. It is important that your network is operating at peak efficiency, and that the security features that are built into the network, are functioning as intended. In the world of IT surprises are rarely welcomed.

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AvoCon can act as an independent third party, routine checking the health and maintenance of the network. Our professionals will point out potential problem areas, and recommend solutions.

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